Selecting an Experienced Tax Representative

It is very important to know the credentials of a tax professional before choosing him or her to represent you in your tax cases. No one but lawyers, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents can represent taxpayers before the IRS in any matter including matters that concern audits, collections, and appeals. If another person other than those mentioned above have actually prepared your tax return, then they may represent you only for audits of this particular returns.

Be careful with whom you select to represent you. Scams are rampant especially for tax resolution companies. If the person you are speaking with is more interested in getting your credit card or bank information, rather than answering your questions and getting a real solution for your case, you should refrain from hiring that company. IF the agent is honest and knowledgeable, you can tell by his or her willingness to examine, analyze, and evaluate the facts of your case in order for him to find a solution to solve your problem. If your case is without merit then the good agent will tell it to your honestly, and try to prevent any unnecessary costs and expenses on your part.

The professional that you should speak to is someone who specializes in tax representation and collection issues. This is a highly specialized area of taxation. Just any sales person cannot provide the solution that you need. Just anybody will not be able to deliver your desired results. For more facts and information about tax, you can go to

Speak with someone who is qualified and experienced before deciding to hire a tax agency in romania. Do not sign any agreement or spend any money until you have spoken with a real professional who is experienced in tax representation and can answer tough questions. Remember that once you sign a contract, you are legally bound by it.

Get more info on taxation romania as well. If the person is sincerely not afraid to protect your rights and interests, then he/she is a potentially good one. This is because you will be working of matters which are personal and financial, which are quite stressful. If you will hire a tax representative, make sure that you feel comfortable with him/her.

Look for a licensed tax professional with many years of experience. He/she should have an extensive background in income tax compliance and planning. He/she should also have background as a tax representative for tax collection and exam issues. Hire a tax representative with experience in representing taxpayers before the IRS and other state agencies. A tax representative should be able to offer guidance to resolve your problems with respect to back taxes, wage garnishment, bank levy, or other important tax issues.